1976 CFA Yearbook Articles
1975-1976 Show Season

Best Cat:  

GC Thaibok Teriyaki
  • Cat Colors by Connie Condit
  • Welcome to the Wonderful World of Cats by Marna Fogarty
  • Cats by GIG in Art and Needlepoint by Marna Fogarty
  • Photography with Love -- from CRESZENTIA by Marna Fogarty
  • Stage Mother by Jean Smelt
  • Education for Legislation by Gloria Bessemer
  • CFA History by Jean Rose (inside covers)

Best Kitten:  
GC Jo-Le's Red Buttons

Breeds & Breeding
  • The Thaibok Teriyaki Story by Donna Davis (Siamese)
  • The Maine Coon Cat by Harold Hansen
  • Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue Cat by Pauline Thompson
  • Veterinary Section
    • The Robert H. Winn Foundation by Dr. Rosemunde Peltz
    • Water Turnover in Cats Fed Dry Rations from Feline Practice
    • The Morris Foundation
  • Cats Eyes by Dr. I. Richard Feingold

Best Alter:

GC & GP Step-And-Fetch-It
International News
  • Cats Around The World
  • Over a Decade of Cat Shows in Japan by Bess Higuchi
  • Monte Carlo by Marna Fogarty
  • Mrs. Kimiko Shirane in Japan
  • Cats in Germany by Lottemarie Heuser
  • Die Grosse Katzen, Wunderbar! by Connie