1977 CFA Yearbook Articles
1976-1977 Show Season

Best Cat:  

GC Surrey Hill Secret
  • Cats and Cards by Marna Fogarty
  • The Cat From Outer Space by Marna Fogarty
  • Ed and Pegeen Fitzgerald by Marna Fogarty
  • The Great Adventure by Marna Fogarty
  • Photographing Your Cat by Jane Howard
  • Empire's Diamond Jubilee Cat Show by Marna Fogarty
  • CATching the Madison Av Crowd by Marna Fogarty
  • The Land of Lovers of Cats by Raymond D. Smith
  • Show Biz by Jackie Russel
  • Surviving a Convention by Erma Bombeck
  • CFA History by Jean Rose (inside covers)

Best Kitten:  
GC Surrey Hill Miss Priss

Breeds & Breeding
  • The Egyptian Mau by Jacqueline & Melanie Mountain
  • The Bride Wore Whiskers by Jean Smelt
  • Genetics, The Science of Heredity by Dr. Rosemunde Peltz, M.D.
  • The Extraordinary Exotic by Marna Fogarty
  • "Lest Ye Forget" by Susan C. Buerlein
  • Veterinary Reports from The Morris Fundation
  • It's Best Not to Fool with Mother Nature by Marna Fogarty
  • Neuter or Spay? It's the Kindest Way
  • First Aid
  • Buying a Pedigree Cat by Edna Field

Best Alter:

GC & GP Vi-Jon Jewel of Iowana
International News
  • A Look at the Cat Fancy in Europe by Pauline Thompson
  • A Look at the Cat Fancy in Germany by Lottemarie Heuser
  • Showing in Sweden by Kristina Erblad
  • F.I.F.E. and WE by Carl-Fredrik Nordane
  • CFA Activities in Japan by Bess Higuchi
  • A Look at South Australia by Pauline Stephens