1979 CFA Yearbook Articles
1978-1979 Show Season

Best Cat:  

GC Clare-Way Cheers
  • In Depth Look at William D. Hardy, Jr D.V.M. by Carole D. Dunham
  • Nominee for "Acatemy Award" by The William Lees
  • Bee Gee's Maurice Gibb with Another Winning Hit by Marna Fogarty
  • Purrfect Painting by Pat C. Odell by Marna Fogarty
  • Lost and Hopefully Found by Marna Fogarty
  • Cats in Heraldry by Mary Rhinelander
  • Historic American Ranch and Its Cats by Patricia Nell Warren
  • Mitten State Cat Fancier's Show by Ande deGeer
  • The Club with a Foreign Flair by Susan Beckham & Carol Boshears
  • Hi-Desert Slumber Party by Margaret Ellis
  • Susquehannock Cat Show by Martie Fellman
  • Showman's Club Awards Banquet
  • The Show Goes On: The Years of Lillias Bloem by Louise Sample
  • CFA History by Jean Rose (inside covers)

Best Kitten:  
GC Kyina Patience of Oakway

Breeds & Breeding
  • Cats in the Extreme by Walter A. Friend
  • Silver is Precious by Janice Reichle
  • The Devon Rex by Anita White & Ann Gibney, PhD
  • The Shady Ladies by Barbara Naviaux
  • Black and White and Cheers All Over by Clare V. Johnson
  • Selecting a Stud Cat by Edna Field
  • The Tenth Month by Alex Alexander
  • Siamese Breeding: The Long View by Jeanne Singer
  • Scottish Folds, They Are A Changin' by Salle Wolf Peters
  • Design and Management of Catteries from A Standard Guide to Cat Breeds
  • Cornell Feline Research by Marna Fogarty
  • The Robert H. Winn Foundation
  • Morris Animal Foundation
  • Common Tumors of the Cat by Elizabeth M. Hodgkins, D.V.M.
  • Feline Skin Problems by Danny W. Scott, D.V.M.
  • Dental Problems in Cats by C.P. Ryan, D.V.M.
  • Feline Breast Cancer: A New Approach by K. Ann Jeglum, V.M.D.
  • Veterinary Practice of the Year, Barbara Stein by Marna Fogarty

Best Alter:

GC & GP Tabbyland's Trixie
International News
  • Cats Around The World
  • The International Committee
  • The Australian Cat Scene by Pauline Stephens
  • Southwestern Cat Club Counties by Mrs. M. Robinson
  • The Siamese Fancy by Eileen Lentaigne
  • Report on the British Cat Fancy by Klaus D. Dessauer
  • Japan Cat Shows by Nobuyuki Watanabe
  • Cats in China by Bess Higuchi
  • Cats in Mexico by Marge Naples