1980 CFA Yearbook Articles
1979-1980 Show Season
Best Cat: GC NW Kyina Patience of Oakway

Best Cat:  
GC NW Kyina Patience of Oakway
  • A Cat an A Smile Makes You Feel Good by Marna Fogarty
  • Dr Doolittle of Beverly Hills by Alex Alexander
  • A Wider Look At The Cat Fancy by Ray D Smith
  • Showing A Winner by William Lee
  • Cat Glamour by Peter Gowland
  • Cat Got Your Tongue ~ Cat Books Anyone? by Claire Necker
  • The Compleat Collector of Cat Art by Patricia Nell Warren
  • Pat Beck: Famous Cat Artist by Marna Fogarty
  • Professor Pet by Marna Fogarty
  • A Lifelong Love Affair by Dee Single
  • Two of the Warmest Hearts in Town by Marna Fogarty
  • Privacy? ... None! by Helen Binde
  • I Am Your Cat by Donna Norris
  • A Tribute to Jean Rose & Rita Swenson
  • CFA Clerking Program by Phyl & Walt Friend
Best Kitten: Windflower's Chelsea Rose of Qitta

Best Kitten:  
GC Corsica's Wouldn't You Know It
Photo: Chanan
Breeds & Breeding
  • The Himalayan: An Impossible Dream by Noel Newton
  • The American Shorthair: Rags To Riches by Rosemary Kendrick
  • The Birman: The Sacred Cat of Burma by Ed & Harriet Rindfleisch
  • Those Terrific Tonkinese by Joan Bernstein
  • The Siamese Cat Association by Eileen Lentaigne
  • The United Chinchilla Association by Mollie Turney
  • Champion Briar-Brae Kaiser of Kelsha: The Daddy of Them All~Well Almost by Carol Fox
  • Planned Parenthood by Erica Mueller
  • The Toxicity of Selected Therapeutic Agents in Cats by Gary Christiansen
  • Peculiarities of Cat Nutrition by David Kronfeld
  • Aplastic Anemia by Edward Hoover, DVM
  • Urolithiasis by Lon D Lewis DVM and Dwayne Harmar PhD
  • The Winn Foundation
  • The Morris Animal Foundation
Best Alter: GP & Ch Helium's Spitfire

Best Alter:
GP & Ch Helium's Spitfire
International News
  • International Committee/Cats Around The World
  • Cat Fancy in Australia by Pauline Stephens
  • The Smallest Cat Show on Earth by Pauline Stephens
  • Japanese Show Season by Bess Higuchi
  • Japan: A Beautiful Country by Nobuyuki Watanabe
  • History of Cat Fanciers of Osaka by Mrs Sumiko Akamatsu