1981 CFA Yearbook Articles
1980-1981 Show Season

Best Cat:  

GC Lee's Let The Sunshine In
  • Heavenly Sunshine by Gayle Lee
  • Spreading The Good Word by Raymond D. Smith
  • A Profile: Dr. John W. Wieler by Eberhardt E. LeSchin
  • Who Are the Real Cat Fanciers and How Do They Care For Their Cats by Linda W. Lewis
  • Felines Infiltrate Foods by Claire Necker
  • The Good Cat Book by Mordecai Siegal
  • CFA Celebrity: Neil Diamond by Marna Fogarty
  • CFA Celebrity: Dennis Weaver - The Renaissance Man by Alex Alexander
  • The Cat Castle by Alex Alexander
  • Show Cat Behavior and Care by Barbara Naviaux
  • Household Pets -- It's Only The Beginning by Charlene Beane
  • The Jazz Cats by Geri Franks
  • A Cat and A Forest by Patricia Nell Warren
  • Robert H. Winn: The Man and The Foundation by Jeanne A. Ramsdale
  • The Magnificent Obsession by Marna Fogarty
  • Showman's Club by Marna Fogarty
  • San Francisco Revelers: Show of the Year by Marna Fogarty
  • "Mark & Linda" Goes Multiple by Cindy Currle
  • Green Mountain Cat Fanciers: First Cat Club and Show in Vermont by Marna Fogarty
  • Firebird Christmas Show by Vicki Dickerson
  • Rex Breeders United Does It Second! by Ann Gibney, PhD & Alexis A. Chontos
  • An All Siamese Show by Barbara Burns
  • About Our Editor, Marna Fogarty by Aileen Hoffer
  • CFA History by Phyllis Friend (Inside covers)

Best Kitten:  
GC Ann-Ge's Cool Million of Windborne

Breeds & Breeding
  • Gold Fever: The Golden Persian -- A Beginning by Jane Howard
  • Those Lovable Red Tabbies by Kim Wheelwright
  • The Korat: The Si-Sawats - The Passions, The Pleasures, The Losses and The Lovings by Daphne Negus
  • The Siamese Cat Reviewed: Coat, Pattern and Color by Diana Patricia Ballard
  • The Chartreux: A Living Legend by Andrea Hawkins
  • Outstanding Chinchilla by Mollie Turney
  • The Cameo, Smoke, Tabby and Patched Persian Society by Pauline Stephens
  • Emergency Planning for Cats by Susan Donoghue, MS, VMD & D. S. Kronfeld, MVSc, MRCVS
  • Clinical Aspects of Feline Opthamology by Lorraine G. Karpinski, VMD
  • 1981's Top Veterinary Hospital: A Photo Tour by Bob & Dorrie Weston and Barbara Naviaux
  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis by Margot S. Kruskall, MD.
  • Cornell Feline Health Seminar: The Ultimate Education Vacation
  • Something About S.O.C.K. by Diane Vindelov
  • The Winn Foundation by Joan Wastlehuber
  • The Morris Animal Foundation

Best Alter:

Ch & GP Nepenthes Timur
International News
  • Cats Around The World
  • The International Committee
  • Cats Down Under by Mary Kilborn
  • Report from Japan and Spring Show by Nobuyuki Watanabe
  • My "Lend Lease" Project by Dave Schneider
  • Portopia Show '81 - Sightseeing Trip
  • Prince Charming Comes to The Netherlands by Molly Michel
  • The Guild of G.C.C.F. Judges by Mollie Turney
  • Cat Show Behind the Iron Curtain by Dave Schneider & Silke Offschinski