1982 CFA Yearbook Articles
1981-1982 Show Season

Best Cat:  

GC Simbelair Carla of Northbrook
  • CFA Medal of Honor to Matil Rotter and Rita Swenson
  • "Oscar" CFA Style - Roy Andersen Creates A New Star by Diana Doernberg
  • An "Ice" Touch to the Annual by Alan Kienzle
  • Promises to Keep -- Top Cat Story by Peggy Blackburn
  • Of Cats and People -- 1958 by Ray Smith
  • Happy Silver Anniversary from Heathcliff by Marna Fogarty
  • Thanks CFA for the Memory by Jeannie McPhee
  • From Copper to Silver by Merold Hoag
  • First Christmas -- Paul Harvey News by Marna Fogarty
  • My Story - CFA Yearbook Editor, 1962-1972 by Christine Streetman
  • Silver Slip of the Lip by Paul Raine
  • CATS: The Musical Show by Marna Fogarty
  • Pussyfooting Through Music by Claire Necker
  • The Making of a Cat Food Commercial by Marna Fogarty
  • Silver Anniversary Celebrities by Alex Alexander
    • Susan Mescher & Tom (Magnum) Selleck
    • Brenda Vaccaro
  • To The Novice -- A Warm Welcome to the Cat Fancy by Rita Swenson
  • 1958 - 1982 by Merilee Davis
  • CFA Judges: Going Back Through the Years
  • Tips On Shipping a Cat by Air by Marna Fogarty
  • The Clerking Program by Bill Lee
  • The Judges Workshop by Jeannie McPhee
  • Keepers of the Ages: Cats in American Sacred Art by Patricia Nell Warren
  • Legendary Cats: GC Vel-Vene VooDoo of Silva Wyte by Joan Bernstein
  • Showman's Club
  • The National Capital Cat Show by Cindy Currle
  • Cornhusker Cat Show by Delores Lindblade
  • Mokan Cat Club - A Club That Offers Alternatives by Toni Woolard
  • Welcome Aboard The Queen - Southwest Regional Dinner by Carolyn Gray
  • Maine Coon Cat Club -- 1982 Update by Karen Jacobus

Best Kitten:  
GC Southpaw Sunburst

Breeds & Breeding
  • Breed Acceptance: Summary from Show Rules and Standards by Phyllis Friend
  • Abyssinians in America by Joan Wastlehuber
  • Grooming, Feeding, and General Care of the Abyssinian by Edna Field
  • The Havana Brown: The Felicitous Feline by Norma Placchi & Annette Bittaker
  • The Riddle of The Sphinx by Alice Su
  • Early Longhairs: Facts and Speculation by Mildred Federico & Barbara Haukenberry
  • Breeding of Birmans in Germany by Anneliese Hackmann
  • A Comprehensive Immunization Program by Lee Volker, D.V.M
  • Emergency Planning for Cat by Susan Donoghue, MS, VMD & D. S. Kronfeld, MVSc, MRCVS
  • Feline Reproductive Biology by Shirley D. Johnston, DVM, PhD
  • Food Additive Eliminates Stones by Lon Lewis, DVM, PhD, Dwayne Hamar, PhD &
    Fu Ho Chow, PhD
  • Feline Practice Exclusively by Deborah A. Colker, DVM.
  • A "Tenth" Life for Cats: Animal Medical Center by Joan Billadello
  • Winn Foundation Grant Award.
  • Winn Foundation for Cat Research by Joan Wastlehuber
  • Morris Animal Foundation: Betty White, President

Best Alter:

Ch & GP Delite Million Dollar Baby
International News
  • Cats Around The World
  • The International Committee
  • Cats In Britain: Yesterday and Today by Grace Pond
  • CFA in Canada by Edna Field
  • Federazione Felina Italiana News by Flavia Capro
  • Cats in Australia by Pauline Stephens
  • F.I.F.e in San Marino by Mrs M J Oliver
  • F.I.F.e by Barrie Jimmieson
  • From Another Part of the World: Saudi Arabia by Henny Koch
  • A Cat Fancier from West Germany by Henny Koch
  • National Awards in Japan
  • From Way Up North: Norway by Mette Drolsum
  • 1982 Spring Show, Osaka, Japan by Nobuyuki Watanabe