1983 CFA Yearbook Articles
1982-1983 Show Season

Best Cat:  

GC South Paw Sunburst
  • Service Award to Lee Carnahan by Mark Hannon
  • He-e-e-ere's Ed McMahon by Alex Alexander
  • Thanks for the Memories -- Top Cat Story by Judy & Greg Brocato
  • An Interview with Cat Artist - Dale Gottlieb by Jan Shaw
  • Cat Collectors by Marilyn Dipboye
  • Kats, Kids, & the Future of the World by Mordecai Siegal
  • To Each the Cat He Deserves by Ingeborg Urcia
  • The Human-Animal Companion Bond by Dee J Single
  • "I've Had My Day" ... Sunshine
  • Cats in the Jewellery: Heyoehkah Merrifield by Patricia Nell Warren
  • A "Purrfect" Afternoon With Cats at Monmouth Library by Marna Fogarty
  • Special Pets by Chris Buck
  • The Glendale Library Collection by Alex Alexander
  • The Professional Cat - with Frank Inn by Alex Alexander
  • The "Greatest American Hero" in Chenille Cattery by Marna Fogarty
  • Dr Audrey Hayes by Ben Thomas
  • Cat Salad by Marna Fogarty
  • Showman's Club by Marna Fogarty
  • Beverly Hills Cat Show by Alex Alexander
  • Snow on the Horizon by Ben Thomas
  • Catalytic - The Show is the Thing by Art Katser
  • Southwest Regional Dinner by Carolyn Gray

Best Kitten:  
GC Bricbrac's Chimney Sweep

Breeds & Breeding

  • The White Persian: A Ball of Fluff by Vicki Dickerson
  • Seeing Double: The Malayan Cat by Carolyn Osier
  • A Burmese Cat Tale by Virginia Z Deal
  • The Ankara Cat (Original Turkish Angora) Fact Sheet by Virginia & Thomas Torio
  • The Regal and Intelligent Turkish Angora by Maria & Brian Reade
  • A Grand Salute to Prim-Pet by Christine Gill
  • Inbreeding Methods by Barbara Naviaux
  • What I Wish I Had Been Told When I Started by Dee Single
  • Design & Management of Shelters & Catteries for Prevention of Infectious Diseases by Fredric W Scott, D.V.M., PhD.
  • Feline Urological Syndrome by Carl Osborne, DVM
  • Preventive Medicine for the Cattery by Audrey Hayes, DVM
  • Kitten Mortality Complex by Kristin K Meyerer, DVM
  • The Best Yet: Cornell's Third Annual Feline Health Seminar by Joyce Tumbleson & Lara Miller
  • A Method to the Madness: Diarrhea by Deborah Colker
  • A Veterinarian in Austalia by Robert Johnson, BBSc, MACVSc
  • The Robert H Winn Foundation for Cat Research by Joan Wastlehuber
  • Morris Animal Foundation: Betty White, President
    • Feline Leukemia Virus Studied
    • Interferon Therapy Explored
    • Effects of Dry Cat Food Studied

Best Alter:

GP Fountainhead's Petunia
International News
  • Cats Around The World
  • The International Committee
  • Japanese Awards and Banquet by Nobuyuki Watanabe
  • Cats in Canada by Edna Field
  • Cat Fancy in Australia by Mrs Molly J Oliver
  • The New Zealand Cat Fancy by Patricia M Hogan
  • Report from Germany by Anneliese Hackman
  • Second International Cat Show at San Marino by Mrs Molly J Oliver
  • Greetings From Norway by Mette Drolsum
  • Welcome to Austria by Herbert Steinhouser
  • From The Netherlands by Stephe Bruin
  • The Cat Fancy in South Africa by Brian Radford
  • A Weekend with Pavlocek by David A Schneider
  • The Cat Show in Prague by David A Schneider
  • Aloha from Hawaii by Marcia Dial Hopkins
  • Hawaiian Awards & Banquet by Marcia Dial Hopkins