1984 CFA Yearbook Articles
1983-1984 Show Season
Hedgewood's Greatest American Hero

Best Cat:  
Headgewood's Greatest American Hero
  • Artist Extraordinaire: Doug Simmons by Vicki Dickerson
  • Celebrity Corner: Linda Evans by Alex Alexander
  • What's In A Name by Gar & Ande DeGeer
  • Celebrated Jeweleri by Heyoehkah Merrified
  • Top Ten Household Pets by Chris Buck
  • Entry Procedures for the Novice by Rachel Griffin
  • Josten's Does It All by Patricia Decker
  • Misty Mornin' Conquest and Friends: A Retrospective by Phil Maggitti
  • The Lions of Freya by Patricia Nell Warren
  • Taking the Plunge by Karen Bradmeyer
  • Marna & Joe: The Dynamic Duo
  • Ignorance is No Excuse: Cats, Photography and the Copyrirght Law by Barbara Haukenberry
  • Decorations Can Make A Show To Remember by Carolyn Noble
  • Service Award to Tom Dent
  • Show of the Year by Bill & Betty Carlisle
Simbelair Etcetera of Northbrook

Best Kitten:  

Simbelair Etcetera of Northbrook
Breeds & Breeding
  • Japanese Bobtail by Dee Hinkle
  • Laemmchen: The German Rex by Rose Schuer-Karpin, MD
  • The Russian Blue: An Early History of the Breed by Ingeborg Urcia
  • Bars and Stripes Forever by Phil Maggitti
  • Colorpoint Breeding: Simplified by Edwin She
  • Cat Breeders Mini-Formula for Success by Pam Webster-Powell
  • Genetics of Tabbies by Jean Yarumchek
  • Feline Genetics by Elizabeth A. B. Oltenacu, PhD
  • The Winn Foundation
  • Morris Animal Foundation
  • A Better Tomorrow for Cats
  • Treatment of Persistent Feline Leukemia Virus by Susan M Cotter DVM, Mark A Goldstein DVM, Christopher K Grant PhD
  • Feline Infectious Peritoitis by Sandy Baldwin, DVM MS
  • Feline Immunology and Immunological Disorders by Gary L. Cockerell, DVM, PhD
  • How To Extend The Life of Your Cat by Dorothy Holby
Q-T Cat's Laurie of Kelley Lane

Best Alter:

Q-T Cat's Laurie of Kelley Lane
International News
  • Australian Cat Federation, Inc.: National Show by Kathie Scallan
  • Viva La Cat Show (Australia) by Pauline Stephens
  • Letter from Finland to All Cat Lovers in America by Kaleri Känsäkoski
  • The International Cat Show: Frieburg, Germany by Molly J. Oliver
  • A Very Special Birthday Party in Germany by Molly J. Oliver
  • Cat Chat (Great Britain) by Grace Pond
  • Japan: Ha-i, Ha-i, Ha-i by Marilyn Cruz
  • West Meets East by Mary L. Kilborn
  • Norway Says Hello by Mette Drolsum
  • A Presentation of Sweden by Gert Bostrum
  • Aloha from Hawaii by Bea Tesch