1985 CFA Yearbook Articles
1984-1985 Show Season

Best Cat:  

GC Charoe's Rosetta of Comarro
  • Dedication to Robert Smith by Donna Jean Thompson
  • Top Cat Story -- Against All Odds by Ron Collins
  • Gubbins Goes to Hawaii by Bea Tesch
  • Exceptional Cat Art by Charlene Gould by Mark Hannon
  • A Memoriam to Judge Robert
  • Honoring Judge Mary Kate Carroll by Cyndi Lewis and Kathleen Carroll
  • Cat Showing in the Computer Age by Kathleen Carroll & Donnee Morgan
  • Man and Animals: The Cat - Living, Working and Changing Together by The University Museum, University of Pennsylvania
  • In Memory, Raymond D Smith
  • An American in Paris by Jane Horstman
  • Show of the Year Awards
  • Doing Empire by Kenny Currle
  • Top 10 Shows by Total Entry

Best Kitten:  
GC Rambo's Rocky Mountain Sunrise

Breeds & Breeding

  • The Exotic Shorthair Story: We've Only Just Begun by Joanna Liebfarth
  • The Maine Coon Cat by Sonya Stanislow
  • So You Decided to Show A Black Persian by Marion Shaw
  • Grooming the Silver Persian by Janice Reichle
  • The Aby Wars by Tord Svenson
  • The Story of GC Singa Blue Minstrel by Jeanne Singer
  • British Sterling - Goes for Gold by Sue Hinkle
  • Normal Development and Congenital Birth Defects by Drew M Noden
  • Cats Do Have Different Red Blood Cell Types
  • Cattery Management by Niels Pedersen, DVM
  • Recent Development in Feline Leukemia Virus Research by Richard L Ott, DVM
  • The Winn Foundation

Best Alter:

Ch & GP Harborhill's Aragorn
International News
  • The International Committee
  • News From Great Britain by Grace Pond
  • Report from Germany: 1984-85 by Anneliese Hackmann
  • Report from the New Zealand Cat Fancy by Patricia M Hogan
  • Easter Weekend at San Marino by Yvonne Valli
  • El Gatto in Barcelona, Spain by Molly J Oliver
  • Federation Feline Luxembourgeoise by Marc Pohl
  • Report From My Little Corner of the World [Norway] by Mette Drolsum
  • Hello From Sweden by Gert Bostrom
  • Greetings from the Country of a Thousand Lakes - Finland by Satu Hamalainen
  • Cat Fanciers of Osaka Awards Banquet
  • News From Italy by Flavia Capra
  • Greetings From Vienna by Herbert Steinhauser
  • Aloha from Hawaii by Bea Tesch
  • Hawaii Awards