1986 CFA Yearbook Articles
1985-1986 Show Season

Best Cat:  

GC Rambo's Rocky Mountain Sunrise
  • History of CFA
  • Rocky - Top Cat Story by Jim & Anne Rambo
  • Chanan: Top Show Feline Photographers by Sunni Bloyd
  • Keepsake is Home by Lucille Regan
  • Dedication to Paul Raine by Doug Crawford
  • Edie & Charles Harper by Ed & Johanna Liebfarth
  • All Systems Go: A Manual for Cat Fanciers by Phil Maggitti
  • Ed Lowe: Working for the Love of Cats
  • Registrations by Breed
  • CFA Show of the Year
  • A Brief History of the Garden State Cat Club by W C (Bud) Cowles
  • Top 10 Shows by Total Entry

Best Kitten:  
GC Dustbuff's Champagne Bubbles

Breeds & Breeding

Best Alter:

GP Abyko Boomer
International News
  • International Committee
  • Catty News From Great Britain by Grace Pond
  • Greetings from the Far North (Norway) by Mette Drolsum
  • Greetings from Finland by Satu Hamalainen
  • Report from Germany by Anneliese Hackmann
  • A Cat Show in Hungary by Molly Oliver
  • From the Fe Sa Fe - Republic of San Marino by Yvonne Valli
  • Portrait of a Special Lady: Mrs Patricia de Ferrari by Molly J Oliver
  • Communique from France by Robert Barbant
  • Australian Cat Fancy by Molly J Oliver
  • Greetings From Denmark by Leslie van Grebst
  • Aloha From Hawaii by Bea Tesch
  • The Hong Kong Connection by Mary Kilborn
  • Japanese Awards