1987 CFA Yearbook Articles
1986-1987 Show Season

Best Cat:  

GC Bar-B Rerun
  • The New CFA National Award by Allen Scruggs
  • CFA Salutes Sumiko Akamatsu!
  • My Cat of the Year - Bar-B Rerun by Barbara Thal
  • Fancy That: CFA in the Early Years by Phil Maggitti
  • Is it Real - or is it Just Her Imagination? Trish Simpson, the Artist
    by Vicki Dickerson

  • A Natural Gift ... Phyllis Sofia by Noel Newton
  • Maureen Hoag: Exhibitor Extraordinaire by Kathleen Carroll
  • CFA Clubs: The Heart of the Cat Fancy by Sunni Bloyd
  • CFA Honors and Service Awards by Suzanne Beedy
  • "More" from the Annual
  • Feline Philately by Marilyn Dipboye & Nancy Ladd
  • NGRC New Moon Eclipse of Rogers Hts, DM by Willa Hawke
  • In Lovy's Memory by Barbara F Baylor
  • Bar-B The Wiz and Friends by Jeff Berg
  • A Tribute to a Great Lady: Edna Field
  • Show of the Year Award: Cotton States Cat Club by Cyndi Lewis
  • St George District Cat Club Show by Marna Fogarty
  • Shows by Numbers

Best Kitten:  
GC Windborne Angel's Got Blue Eyes

Breeds & Breeding

  • Norwegian Forest Cat by Jean Louis de Pindray
  • Celebrating the Legacy: Renewing the Dream Himalayan-Persian
    by Barbara Lamb
  • You've Come A Long Way Baby: The Silver Persian by Janice Reichle
  • "We Are Siamese ..." Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Betty White
  • Here's to the Good Life: Selling Kittens Responsibly by Mary McIntyre
  • A Guide to Tube Feeding by Janice Reichle
  • Highlights from Tufts University by Doris Sevigny
  • Cattery Housing - Or How to Cope With a Houseful of Cats by Dee J Single
  • The Robert H Winn Foundation Annual Report by Joan Wastlehuber

Best Alter:

GC & GP Chinquapin Baubles Bangles & Beads
International News
  • International Committee by Vaughan Barber
  • National Cat Club in Britain by Grace Pond
  • Communique from France by Robert Barbant
  • West Germany: 1986 by Anneliese Hackmann
  • From South Africa by Brian Radford
  • The "13NF" is the Best, Forget the Rest by Mme C Rossi
  • Hello, Hello, Finland Tampere Speaking by Satu Hamalainen
  • The Australian Cat Fancy by Molly J Oliver
  • The Seventh International Cat Show of the Fe Sa Fe San Marino
    by Yvonne Valli
  • Report from the New Zealand Cat Fancy by Patricia M Hogan
  • The Clube Portugues de Feliniculture: The Cat Fancy in Portugal
    by Molly J Oliver

  • Report from Italy by Flavia Capra
  • Report from The Netherlands by Stephe Bruin
  • Lux-Cat-Club by Marc Pohl
  • Aloha From Hawaii by Bea Tesch
  • Awards in Japan 1986-1987