1989-1990 CFA Yearbook Articles
1988-1989 Show Season
Toshika's Summer Delight

Best Cat:  

Toshika's Summer Delight
  • CFA Cat of the Year by Penny Nordman
  • History of the Cat: A Mystery by Marna Fogarty
  • Uncle Tad's Menagerie by Marilyn Dipboye
  • The Walnut Hill Story by Dee J. Single
  • A Breath of Fresh Air by Kitty Angell
  • A New Cat In Your House by Dayle Russell
  • As The Minutes Clerk By by Debbi Stevenson & Laura Lee
  • Fleas Today...Gone Tomorrow by Lucille Regan
  • Don Swanson: In Memoriam by Wayne P. Park
  • Remembrances of a Grand Lady: Mary Kate Carroll by Cyndi Lewis & Albert Ross
  • Matil Rotter: In Memoriam
  • The Robert H. Winn Foundation by Joan Wastlhuber
  • Purina/CFA Invitational Show
  • CFA Registration Number Tables
Capodicapi Fruit Loops of Khaszar

Best Kitten:  

Capodicapi Fruit Loops of Khaszar
Breeds & Breeding
  • Birmans in North America by Walter Cowles
  • An Historical Look At The Manx Standard and Breed by Leslie Falteisek
  • Silvers in Japan by Janice Reichle
  • News and Views on the Chinchilla by Mollie Turney
  • Poetry In Motion: The Russian Blue by Marge Jackson
  • Indra, Tortoiseshell Male: An Unusual Genetic Occurrence by Ulrike Muller
  • Managing Your Male...Feline That Is by Mary McIntyre
Scottish Ear I Be

Best Alter:

Scottish Ear I Be
International News
  • To Russia With Pedigree by Jean Yaremchuk
  • Pulling Together Internationally by Don & Leta Williams
  • Letter to the CFA From Denmark by Aase Nissen
  • Greetings from Denmark by Leslie van Grebst
  • No More Quarantine in Finland by Satu Hamalainen
  • CFA In France by Vaughn Barber
  • Communique from France by Robert Barbant
  • Report from Germany by Ulrike Muller
  • From Great Britain by Grace Pond
  • Quarter Century of CFA in Japan by Bess Higuchi
  • News From Luxembour by Lux-Cat-Club
  • Easter in Sweden by Jeanie McPhee