Calculate inbreeding coefficient
The inbreeding coefficient is calculated with Wright's equation
The inbreeding coefficient is the probabillity that for any given gene both alleles come from the same ancestor.
IC of 0-10 is low
IC of 10-20 is medium
IC 20+ is high
There is no direct relation between the genetic health and the IC.
In other words an animal with a low IC is not per definition genetically healthier then an animal with a high IC.
Planned Mating
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3- Press the "Planned mating" button and pick the other proposed parent.
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Find ancestor
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2- Press the "Find Ancestor" button and pick the ancestor to find.
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Kyina Hello Mary Lou Goodbye Heart
Female - Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0501-02717233 CA/CA - Russian Blue
02-16-2016 (m-d-y) Age: 2 years, 2 months
Breeder: Amanda Bright - Bailey McLeod
Owner: Amanda Bright - Bailey McLeod
Source: CFA Registration Slip
IC-10: 5.81%;
ACL-10: 35.09%;
IC-5: 1.73%;
ACL-5: 90.32%


GC (CFA) Samovar Bluechips of Kyina (Imp)
(RUS a)
CFA 0500-1712658 US/CA
Russian Blue
10-09-2010 (m-d-y)
IC-10: 6.7%ACL-10: 31.28% 
GC, BW, NW Samovar Nickleandime, DM
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0500-1506564 US/US
Russian Blue
08-07-2004 (m-d-y) 
GC Royal Blue Kodachrome of Samovar
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0500-1303102 US/US - Russian Blue 
GC BW NW (CFA) Tsar Blu's Ziggy Tsardust, DM 
GC Kaybrook's Tsarina 
GC Samovar Squashblossom
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0501-1418638 US/US - Russian Blue 
Ch Emjoys Derringer 
Ch Samovar Pumpkin, DM 
Wynterwynd Torch Song
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0501-1671158 US/US
Russian Blue
GC (CFA) Heartbeeps Nightmusic of Wynterwynd, DM
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0500-1537180 US/US - Russian Blue 
GC, GP, NW Heartbeeps Hot Toddy 
Ch(CFA) Snow-Island Sirensong of Heartbeeps (Imp) 
GC Samovar Temptress
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0501-1554947 - Russian Blue 
GC, RW Samovar Kasper of Kaybrook, DM 
Grisaille's Garbo of Samovar 
Tylona's Be-Bop-A-Luna of Kyina (Imp)
Blue (16a)
(RUS a)
CFA 0501-02123626 US/CA
Russian Blue
06-14-2014 (m-d-y)
IC-10: 6.41%ACL-10: 35.58% 
GC (CFA) Tylona's Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0500-1767438 US/US
Russian Blue
12-01-2011 (m-d-y) 
GC RW NW (CFA) Platina Luna's Blade Runner
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0500-1605404 - Russian Blue 
GC Chayat Alexander Petrovich 
Ch Platina Luna's Moonshine 
Ch (CFA) Tylona's Diamond Jubilee, DM
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0501-1662341 US/US - Russian Blue 
GC Tylona's Buzz Light Blue 
GC, RW (CFA) Tylona's Princess Cut 
GC, RW, BW (CFA) Tylona's Gabriella
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0501-1735622 US/US
Russian Blue
08-23-2011 (m-d-y) 
GC, RW (CFA) Valnika's Lone Tsar of Tylona
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0500-01688180 US/US - F10E Russian Blue 
GC RW (CFA) IW SGC (TICA) Valnika's Silverstone, DM 
GC Tsar Blu's Zeta of Valnika 
GC, RW, BW (CFA) Tylona's Angel Wings, DM
Blue (16a) (RUS a)
CFA 0501-1703792 US/US - Russian Blue 
GC (CFA) Heartbeeps Nightmusic of Wynterwynd, DM 
GC Tylona's Wearing O' The Blue 
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