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Proposed mating between:
Soul Love Marc and Snow-Island Forget-Me-Not
IC: not calculated
Ch (CFA) Soul Love Marc
Blue (16a)
(RUS a)
CFA JP/JP - Russian Blue
10-22-2006 (m-d-y)
IC: 8.95% 
Ch (CFA) Soul Love Liberty
Blue (16a)
(RUS a)
CFA 0500-1490244 JP/JP - Russian Blue 
Ch Kyina Kakeru of Soul Love (Imp)
Blue (16a) (RUS a) - CFA CA/JP - Russian Blue 
Ch Koinobori's Pirin
Blue (16a) (RUS a) - CFA 0501-1363155 - Russian Blue 
Kyina Kurumi of Soul Love (Imp)
Blue (16a)
(RUS a)
CFA 0501-1480841 CA/JP - Russian Blue 
Ch Kyina Crossfire
Blue (16a) (RUS a) - CFA 0500-1001757 CA/CA - Russian Blue 
Kyina Double Diamond
Blue (16a) (RUS a) - CFA 0501-1416191 CA/CA - Russian Blue 
Snow-Island Forget-Me-Not
Blue (16a)
(RUS a)
CFA 0501-1729291 JP/JP - F11E Russian Blue
04-01-2011 (m-d-y)
IC: 3.41% 
Ch (CFA) Snow-Island Soar
Blue (16a)
(RUS a)
CFA 0500-1650581 JP/JP - F10E Russian Blue 
GC, RW(CFA) Snow-Island Blue Falcon
Blue (16a) (RUS a) - CFA 0500-1592080 JP/JP - F16E Russian Blue 
Ch (CFA) Snow-Island Yukihimedori
Blue (16a) (RUS a) - CFA 0501-1603502 JP/JP - F9E Russian Blue 
GC, RW (CFA) Little Mom Harmonie of Snow-Island
Blue (16a)
(RUS a)
CFA 0501-1541555 JP/JP - Russian Blue 
Ch(CFA) Doux Sourire Marry
Blue (16a) (RUS a) - CFA 0500-1429943 - Russian Blue 
Ch White Beach Chaco of Little Mom
Blue (16a) (RUS a) - CFA JP/JP - Russian Blue 
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